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Our Team

Support Staff

Robert Coleman

President and CEO


Rob's our leader and the owner of Signature Financial Solutions. Rob's everyday dedication to the satisfaction of the advisors who have chosen to affiliate with SFS is unending. You'll find Rob navigating roads and airports to be...

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Bev Bouchard

Director of Business Services

(813) 868-6687

Bev is masterful at a wide range of platform services available from different vendors to our advisors. She understands new business, compliance, and what it takes to get numerous tasks done. That makes Bev a "Go To" person on our team...

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Patricia Fox

Director of Firm Finances

(561) 417-8238

Pat manages the operations of our multiple office locations, facilitates the licensing and appointing of numerous advisors, is the primary contact for all technology services to our firm, and is the one person who really knows what's...
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Maria Moreno

New Business Underwriting



Maria helps our advisors with life insurance product underwriting, processing, requirements (parameds, APS, underwriting and FMO requirements, and everything else) required for "good order". She also supports our advisors with updated...

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Lyn Horowitz

Director of Compliance


It would be difficult to find a Compliance Director who knows her craft better than Lyn. That may be why her track record of "surviving audits" and keeping so much activity on the right side of the line is no mistake after so many...

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Paul Bonaros

Director of Investment Strategy Group


You know those times when you have an important client (or potential client) whose investment needs may be too big for your capabilities and you need to bring someone along who can handle virtually any investment question, Paul's your...

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Chuck Ruddy

Director of Marketing and Practice Management

(561) 417-8240

Chuck provides marketing strategy and content development for our firm and its advisors. He creates lead generation campaigns, is a Social Security specialist, researches, writes, and creates public-facing content, and manages our...

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David Sowerby

Director of Recruiting


David is responsible for advancing several areas of our business, including recruitment, practice acquisition, and some major projects. As a former IBMer, David has a systematic way of getting things done. Add David's polished demeanor...

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