Protect Your Life Savings.

Different stages of life need different risk strategies.

Know your options.

The policy you purchased 25 years ago is not necessarily the best fit for your next 25.

Protect Your Life Savings..

Different stages of life need different risk strategies.

Know your options.

Is the policy you purchased 25 years ago the best fit for your next 25 years?

Meet Steve.


Steve has been a financial representative for over 30 years, starting with John Hancock Financial Network and most recently with Signature Financial Solutions as an independent financial advisor.  His specialty is retirement income and long term care planning.

Steve is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, the College for Financial Planning, and a recipient of the Certified Financial Planner™ designation.

Steve is devoted to assisting his clients with their financial needs--both present and future, including, but not limited to, retirement income and long term care planning.

Retirement Planning Experience

Steve helps his clients create, protect, and sustain income-for-life as a means of leading them through the difficult transition from work income to retirement income.  As an independent financial practitioner in one of the largest financial networks in the US, Steve has access to a wide variety of updated products he can utilize to fit the unique needs of each client. 

Firsthand Long Term Care Perspective

Few financial representatives understand long term care better than Steve.  His knowledge of the industry comes partly through personal experience, having helped both of his parents with their respective long term care needs.  That allows Steve's service to his clients to come partly from a firsthand appreciation of their situation.  Steve's experience helping hundreds of clients apply their investments, life insurance, and long term care resources into practical lifetime use places him among the more seasoned, helpful people in the industry.

Steve's clients generally are at the crossroads of work and retirement.  They are Baby Boomers seeking to continue asset growth but also seek reliable retirement income.  Like Steve, they may have helped their parents or other relatives with their long term care needs and are wondering how to reduce their own expense risk. Should they also need long term care they seek guidance to help ensure they are prepared to get that care at home.

Steve is happy to answer these and other types of questions which may be on your mind.

Contact Information 

Steven Hurwitz, CFP­®

Investment Advisor Representative

Tel 561-417-8214

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