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Why Invest?

Why Invest?

Long term goals require long term strategies.

Why?  Two reasons:

  1. Inflation – It erodes your money’s purchasing power.
  2. Opportunity – Invested money may grow, increasing your wealth.

 If money is needed for a large purchase within 1-2 years, then that money should be kept in an account designed for security, not risk.

Maintain the Power of Your Money

If you’re saving for a long term goal, such as your own retirement or a child's education, inflation over many years may erode the purchasing power of your hard-earned money.

Even a 1% inflation rate each year over 20 years would erode the purchasing power of $1 to only 82¢.  That's why keeping money in an account which doesn't grow at least as much as as the inflation rate each year may result in your money losing purchasing power every year.  That's not your goal.

That's why you may want to ensure the money you're planning to use for a long term goal is investment with a long term strategy.

Is Your Money Optimistic?

Ask yourself a few basic questions:

Do you believe that the world’s economy will be larger in 20 years than it is today?  If you believe that the world’s best companies, with the most talented people, and the most advanced technologies will grow overall in the next 20 years, then you may want to participate in that growth by investing in those companies.

If you believe in tomorrow, you should be invested today.  Let’s put your belief into practice, starting with a complimentary consultation.

Our Investment Capabilities

Our clients want their money managed professionally.  They want to establish a level of personal trust with their financial advisor.  And, for practical reasons, they want to see their financial lives organized and managed through a single point of contact.  We offer all of these foundational aspects with independent insight.

We offer investment strategies to:

  • Build a foundation to grow your wealth using active and passive strategies
  • Make nimble, tactical adjustments based on changes in the economy
  • Reach your educational, retirement, and other goals

Our investment management platform is designed to manage your full life cycle of wealth needs.

We welcome collaboration with CPAs and attorneys because our investment strategies should be aligned with your tax and legal needs.  Our wide ranging investment platform provides the flexibility to be as simple or sophisticated as your needs require.

Are you happy with your investment journey so far?  Let’s discuss how we may improve it.

Get Control Over Your Money

Get Control Over Your Money

  • Are you deducting money from your pay for your retirement, but don’t know your financial independence date?
  • Do you have money in a former employer’s plan that should be closer to your control?
  • Have you received money as an inheritance, but you don’t have a strategy for that money?

Your money should work for you, not confuse you.  We can provide a valuable second opinion to help ensure your investments are on target.  We may even suggest some ideas you haven’t considered.

Either way, you should be able to relax, knowing your money is under control.

Get a second opinion on your only financial life.