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An Operating and Marketing Platform

It's not just about writing business, it's about propelling your business.

Our firm is both an operating and marketing platform for your practice.  You manage your practice your way with access to our innovative marketing platforms and opportunities you won't find elsewhere.  That's what makes us different.  That's why you should consider changing your affiliation to grow with us.

Top National Network

Don't let anything hold you back.

Our firm is affiliated with Advisor Group/Royal Alliance.  According to Investment News' 2018 rankings of independent broker dealers, the firms comprising Advisor Group collectively rank as the fourth largest independent broker-dealer in the US.

That means the most options for your clients, world class technology, and industry leadership.  Your limits are your ambitions.

Your Brand or Ours.  It's Your Choice

You may operate under your own DBA or use ours.  The choice is yours, our goal is the same:  to help you maximize the value of your practice.

Our model allows you to build and own your practice equity from Day One.  Do you have a plan and the guidance to do that now?  If not, you're missing an opportunity.  We can help you further develop your practice so not only is the income of value to you today, but your practice equity provides you with a nice exit valuation as well.

Our firm is very active in helping in the following ways:

  • acquiring practices
  • facilitating the sale of practices
  • showing you how to maximize the value of your practice
  • recruiting and training complimentary advisors to your team
  • training operations/administrative staff, and
  • facilitating an optimal exit for our advisors when you choose

Your Firm As A Resource To Your Practice

If each of our affiliated financial advisors is a thoroughbred, focusing on his or her own specialty or markets, we like to think of our firm as a stable of thoroughbred advisors.  Our job is to help you enhance your performance so you can succeed as a financial advisor entrepreneur.

Practicing as a financial advisor makes it difficult to tackle other projects that you may have in common with other advisors.  That's why we believe your firm has a collective role to play to help create the solutions individual advisors may not have the time or resources to pursue themselves.  That may include providing physical office resources, consulting services, shared assets, digital innovations, events, recruiting talent, or sharing solutions to problems we've solved before with your colleagues.  It's everything you want to be independent, but not alone.

These problems are too small for a broker-dealer to help you solve, but too large for any one advisor to become adept at.  There's a role for firm-level value and we're a leader.

A Marketing Platform For Your Practice

It's not just the firm you write business through.  It's how can your firm help you write MORE business.

Our firm trademarked a financial wellness brand and marketing program.  This creates new and exclusive opportunities for our for our affiliated advisors.  We've found it effective in helping them get more opportunities in front of more individuals to write more business.

Many of our advisors have taken advantage of our video marketing program.  This is an example of our firm creating a collective ability for individual advisors to cost effectively produce videos to help propel your financial practice, working for you 24/7.

These include:

Advisor Profile Videos

The larger your database becomes, the more impersonal those mass emails become.  Prospects want to get to know you before engaging you.  An advisor profile video helps prospects feel more comfortable moving down your funnel so they become a lead.

Team Videos

if it's not just you anymore, you'll want to convey a comfort level to your clients that they can also rely on other members of your team for certain needs.  This will free up your time.  Also, new and larger prospects may demand a team so their wealth is managed by more than one person.  A team video clearly and visually conveys that your practice is not just you.

Marketing Videos

Your success may be your focus on one market or selling a particular solution.  How do you convey your expertise to a larger market effectively?  There's no substitute for video.  We'll help write a script, choose video footage, and brand your video in a way that you'd be proud to distribute to a larger market as an expansion strategy.

Lead Generation

We're introducing digital marketing campaigns to generate leads for our advisors in 2019, a demanding marketing effort few advisors have the resources to accomplish on their own and you'd be hard pressed to find any advisor or firm doing cost effectively and successfully.

Ask us about how this program may help get you in front of more people.

Is Your Firm Working For You?

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Let's discuss how to propel your practice.

Let's discuss how to propel your practice.

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